Can updating bios cause problems

17-Nov-2017 15:43

Locate the entry labeled "BIOS Version." Take note of the current Asus motherboard BIOS version, and then close the window.

Return to your web browser and navigate to the Asus website.

Updating your BIOS is advanced and potentially dangerous process, therefore be sure to check your motherboard manual for detailed instructions on how to flash your BIOS.

We also wrote an article on how to flash your BIOS on Windows 10, so be sure to check it out for some instructions.

Also ASRock motherboard MUST use ASRock's Flash utility to update BIOS, those uncertified BIOS flashing tools will cause motherboard damage.

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If your BIOS is now corrupt you will be unable to reboot and try the BIOS flash again, not easily anyway.

Quickly fix PC issues and prevent others from happening with this software: BIOS is a one of the most important components of your PC since it’s in charge for starting your PC and checking your hardware.

Unfortunately, problems with BIOS can occur, and they can prevent your system from booting.

Open the "Start" menu and click the "Search" feature.

Type "System Information" and then click the icon that appears in the search results.Just repeat the process, and if the problem still persists, update the original BIOS file.