Is john frusciante dating anyone

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source Penthouse January 2002 : Anthony Kiedis has 10 (visible) tattoos: 1. Hank, also known as Henky Penky*, was an icon of his country-an underground philosopher, artist, Hell’s Angel associate, booze hound, drug hound, girl hound, an absolute rapscallion of Dutch proportions. his North American heritage (on his maternal side) is reflected in the Indian chieftain designs.A toxicology report uncovered no drugs or alcohol in his system.The gun he used to take his own life, a 40 caliber semi-automatic was registered in his name.

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He was alleged to have gone on a drinking binge and to have failed to "come clean" about it.In 1994, Kurt Cobain was a grunge rock legend with the legions of fans and fame to prove it.