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02-Dec-2017 22:00

She treats almost everyone with this easy familiarity, it turns out.

Later that afternoon, we crisscross the city in her car, a robin’s egg blue Fiat littered with half-empty water bottles, stopping at places she loves.

As they crossed the finish line and became the latest winners of The Amazing Race on the May 15 season finale, Tyler and Laura declared their undying love… “We had a blast in New York City, I had a ton of family and friends there, I had a buddy who was supposed to run the Brooklyn half marathon on Saturday morning that ended up partying with me until 2, and woke up and still ran it on two hours of sleep.

Here’s what Laura and Tyler had to say about winning The Amazing Race, the pressure of participating in such an intense adventure with a complete stranger, their favorite moments, their greatest hardships, and what we can expect from their relationship moving forward.

There is no any rumor of divorce or an extra-marital affair.

The couple dated each other for a short time and got engaged. Josh and Jenna have been married for seven years now and their relationship is going very well.

“We both knew the race, we were both big fans of the show, we had little strategies devised about how we were going to approach it, and we took it one challenge at a time.

But amidst the love of his fans and admirers, does he have a special one to call a girlfriend? But we all know that he was once in a dating relationship with Emily Patty.

The two dated for a good amount of time before they decided to split.

Not much about the tenure of their love and the demise of it was revealed, as this musician is strict when it comes to maintaining privacy.

“We could see that Tyler stopped, he came back, he made sure I could get through it.

Some of the other blind dating teams didn’t do that.

This sense of immediate intimacy has served her well.