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Let us translate for you from the original bro language: It means a goal to reach a billion-dollar run rate, or 10 to the 9th, which Uber did that year just before the party. FRED HIATT, WASHINGTON POST EDITORIAL PAGE EDITOR: Do you want to start out? Walid Phares, who you probably know, Ph D, adviser to the House of Representatives caucus, and counter-terrorism expert; Carter Page, Ph D; George Papadopoulos, he’s an energy and oil consultant, excellent guy; the Honorable Joe Schmitz, [former] inspector general at the Department of Defense; [retired] Lt. We have many other people in different aspects of what we do, but that’s a representative group.In what is arguably an unusual email for the very top executive to send to employees, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick advised his staff in case they decided to have sex at a company outing in Miami in 2013.

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Internally called the “Miami letter,” it is a saucy rulebook for the then 400 employees at the company, who were headed to Florida’s Shore Club for what was a party-focused celebration of the car-hailing company’s success.If only there was a magical way to skip all the drama and stay only for the fuck dates… What if I told you that we provide a service with this exact mission?