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By the end of the story, the characters return home in order to save their people.

Described by Glen Tickle of Geekosystem as Munroe's "magnum opus", "Time" attracted significant attention and was well received online, and several projects, wikis and web communities were built about it.

The forum thread's community is known not only for their in-depth analysis and discussion of #1190, but also creative endeavors relating to the webcomic.

"Time" begins with two stick figures, a woman and a man, building a sand castle complex on a beach.The thread grew initially because observers had to find a way to preserve and catalogue the individual frames of the #1190 webcomic, and many tools were invented to keep track of them, including this wiki.This desire to keep track of the past still exists in the community today.Much of this wiki concerns the thread rather than the original webcomic, because the users regard their own history with respect as well.

The nature of the discussion thread means that anyone may go back and read through all of the posts dating back to the start of "Time" (an activity known as "Blitzing"), although it has grown to such a size that doing so has become quite the intensive undertaking.

The unique personality of the forum thread (the "OTT") and its users ("OTTers") derives in part from an annual forum event popularly known as "The Madness" where ordinary words are filtered into whimsical alternatives chosen by the moderators.

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